岩渕華林 / Karin Iwabuchi 北村 奈津子 / Natsuko Kitamura
木下 雅雄 / Masao Kinoshita 高木 まどか / Madoka Takagi
中村 萌 / Moe Nakamura 牧野 永美子/ Emiko Makino
三木 サチコ / Sachiko Miki 森口 裕二 / Yuji Moriguchi
山本 麻友香 / Mayuka Yamamoto 横田 尚 / Nao Yokota

2020年10月17日[土] - 10月26日[月]
17 October - 26 October, 2020
12:00 PM - 6:00 PM(時間を短縮して営業いたします)
Close on Sundays and Public Holiday

- 作品の販売につきまして -

AUTUMN SHOW-TAIPEI/TOKYO/VRの開催にあたり、多くのお問い合わせ、購入希望のご連絡をいただき誠にありがとうございます。

私どもの画廊と長きにわたりお付き合いのある方、アートフェアにて熱心に作品をご覧いただき購入していただいた方、 また私どもの多くの作家を支援していただいた方をはじめ、作品を真から愛していただける方に対し、公平に作品を紹介できればと考えておりました。

しかしながら、今回のコロナ禍による不測の事態が起こり、アート台北への参加も叶わず、 海外の方にはフェアの出品作品をご覧いただくことが難しい状況となってしまい、大変残念な思いを致しております。
販売に関しましても、お客様に直接お目にかかり、相互の信頼関係を築いた上で販売をさせていただけたらと考えておりましたが、 今回の状況ではそれも叶わず、やむを得ず下記の方法にて販売をさせていただくことに致しました。

多くの購入希望が予想されます山本麻友香、中村萌作品につきましては、 今回に限り今回の出品作品を含めてギャラリー椿にて三人以外の私どもの作家の作品をご購入いただいた方に優先的にご紹介をさせていただくことにいたしました。


ギャラリー椿 椿原弘也

- Regarding the sales -
Thank you very much for your many inquiries and purchase wishes for AUTUMN SHOW-TAIPEI/Tokyo/VR.
We would like many customers to have our works, but we are very sorry that we cannot meet your wishes due to the limited number of works.

I wanted to introduce the artworks fairly to those who have been with us for a long time, those who have enthusiastically appreciated and purchased our gallery’s artworks at art fairs, and those who have been supporting many of our artists.

However, due to the Coronavirus disaster this time, the participation at Art Taipei was not possible, and it became difficult for our overseas customers to see Autumn Show, which is very disappointing.

As for the sales, I had hoped to see customers directly and build a relationship of mutual trust before selling, but it did not come true with this situation, so I had no choice but to sell the artworks using the following method.

Regarding the works of Mayuka Yamamoto and Moe Nakamura, which are expected to receive many purchase inquiries, we have decided to give a priority to those who have purchased and will purchase the works of our artists other than the three artists mentioned above at Gallery Tsubaki in the past and in this Autumn Show.
However, if there is many purchase requests from those customers, we will ask their desired works one by one, and we will draw lots for each of the two artists. In the event of a lottery, only winners will be contacted after the end of Autumn Show.

I am sorry but I hope you understand.
Thank you very much.

Gallery Tsubaki Hiroya Tsubakihara

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